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Article: Check out what is going on in Flesh and Blood and what's to come - September 6, 2023

Check out what is going on in Flesh and Blood and what's to come - September 6, 2023

Check out what is going on in Flesh and Blood and what's to come - September 6, 2023

NEWSLETTER 5 - 5th Sept. 2023

Art Fans!

Hello and welcome to another Arthouse Syndicate newsletter where we cover some of what was, what is and what is to come in the world of Flesh and Blood as well as other hot-topical, art-focused trading card games.

Then I would like to start with the first in a series of short story-times with you, in which I’ll shine a few ‘Bright Lights’ under the unwashed covers of the AHS art scene - because where there’s dirt, there’s life 😏.

So let’s go!



Flesh and Blood Nationals events recently popped off all over the world, which means ProTour and Worlds are now in everyone’s sights. 

“Hey foo, what have art and playing got to do with each other?” I hear you say.

Well a lot actually.

Did you know that AHS’s own Dane Lanz lives and sweats in Vietnam with his family? From there he has pushed the national Flesh and Blood scene in Vietnam onwards and upwards with the help of some amazing supporters.

So one day, when you go to the top events. don’t be surprised to see top players proudly wearing the TEAM AHS logo!


The Vietnamese National event was sponsored by Arthouse Syndictae and Dane himself judged at the event. The store he runs, NIN, even provided a crazy door prize - check the photo below!

Flesh and Blood National Event, Indonesia, Trading Card Games

 AHS sponsorship - Vietnamese Nationals 1st Ed Crunic Door Prize

Winner: Tuan Dinh Nguyen!

“AHS - The Art of Winning!” (cue epic Final Fantasy level-up music).

Indonesia Nats

The artists count was off the charts at the Indonesia Nats, which is understandable, with so many FaB artists and studios being located there.

I think I will have to make it to the next events there.

 Kanadekana, instagram art, artist, Flesh and Blood, artwork


Bright Lights Spoiler season has just been announced!

Mechs are incredibly flavorful, and if we don’t see a gorgeous hunk of a Brute feeding Dash or Teklovossen into their own flow steam powered meat grinder then I will be very, VERY disappointed!

(or at least a robo-gorilla revolt at the Zinnia Park mechazoo).

Keep your eyes out on the official source of bits and bytes here:

 (If AHS ever gets a spoiler, you better wash your jocks and steel-plate them…)

So get along to your local pre-releases - I think this is going to be a good one 🤖

flesh and blood artwork, trading card game 

Sorry!! I forgot to mention!

We also have Fizal Fikri's artists proofs in the store. Everyone is requesting full art custom pieces so don't miss out Here's an idea of what his incredible artwork looks like.

flesh and blood


Callings are calling!

I for one will be attending Calling Australia which will be in Melbourne this year will be graced by one of my favorite FaB artists, Nathaniel Himawan!

The deadlifting dynamo who brought such classics as Snag, Righteous Cleansing and Teklo Core to life will be taking goodies and he is seeking input and what those goodies should be (put your 2-bobs worth in here:

Blessing of Savagery cosplay anyone?? 🙏 ❤️🩸

 I really want to start playing more and Bright Lights, or even the Tolarian Community College UPF set might be where my journey truly begins!

 magic the gathering, youtube, flesh and blood

Arthouse Story Time

Since early-mid 2021 I have been reaching out and chatting with artists and being able to do this has helped me be more confident to speak with people (to the point that I’m even writing this now - like I know something 😅).

 One of the first artists that I began to engage more than usual with was a guy who loves waiting in queues….

Well, maybe not, but he does have a habit of drawing lines of people going into or coming out of buildings, temples (or trees).

I’m talking about Reza Afshar, whose first work was Nature’s Path Pilgrimage in WTR and the Flesh and Blood lore book (see, he is obsessed with human lines!):

 flesh and blood, trading card game, art, artwork, artist

Flesh and Blood, artist, artist proof,

Pic: Nature’s path Pilgrimage

From there on Reza’s art has been heavily relied on to give that haunting spaciousness that he conveys so well.

From ‘Dimenxxional Crossroads’ from MON, to one of my personal favorites, the un-played ‘Emerging Avalanche’.

 flesh and blood, artwork, artist, trading card game, trading card player,

Pic: Emerging Avalanche

Reza lives in Iran and that makes some aspects of his work with LSS difficult. Apart from chatting with him about the political and cultural issues of Iran, simply getting mail into and out of Iran is difficult for most Western countries.

After a number of attempts to find a way to help him get his artist proof cards to him, he reached out to LSS and asked them to send his AP’s to me in Australia.

Emerging Avalanche Collection, Flesh and Blood Artwork

I have to say, it was more than just a bit of a thrill to have a James White-labeled LSS package land at my door! That has never happened before!

Once I saw Reza’s name on the box I knew what the contents would be…yes, his latest ‘Widespread’ series of AP’s and his rainbow foil cards!

 Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game, Flesh and Blood Artwork

So now, with Reza’s blessing, Arthouse Syndicate will have to think and come up with a way to help make these marketable and get him the additional bit of money that many of the other FaB artists already enjoy.

A challenge and an opportunity for us for sure!

Oh, and I will crack his 3 packs and record it - a nice 1 of 10 Federico Musetti or Livia Prima art-card would be just the ticket to make some money for Reza!

 Until next time, remember to hang your art high so that we can all see it!


David Batten and the Arthouse Syndicate team!


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