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Phu Thieu

Phu Thieu is a talented illustrator based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, with over nine years of experience specializing in freelance concept art. With a passion for bringing imaginative worlds to life, Phu has made a significant impact in the gaming industry.

Throughout his career, Phu has collaborated with renowned companies such as Legend Story Studios, Hex Entertainment, Garena Digital Entertainment, Sony Entertainment, and Desert Owl Games. His artistic contributions have spanned various projects, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.

Phu's artistic prowess shines through his exceptional artwork for popular games such as Arena of Valor, Hex - Shard of Fate, Poxnora, and numerous other Trading Card Game (TCG) titles. His ability to capture the essence of characters and create captivating environments has earned him a reputation for excellence.

Driven by a deep passion for art and an unwavering commitment to his craft, Phu Thieu continues to inspire and delight with his imaginative illustrations. As he embarks on new creative endeavors, the world eagerly awaits the next masterpiece to emerge from his skillful hands.

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