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Be prepared to erase your opponent with our Limited 1/100 "Erase Face" inspired playmat.

This Arthouse Syndicate exclusive was created  collaboration with renowned artist Riordan Delmiro (The artist of the Flesh and Blood TCG Erase Face artwork.)

The playmat measures at a standard 24" x 14" surface, is made of neoprene, and features a stitched edge for prolonged durability, even under the most extreme playing conditions. 

With there being an extremely limited amount of these playmats produced, owning this gem means embracing a rare treasure that resonates with both players and collectors.

Embrace the power, the beauty, and the exhilaration that awaits those who dare to step onto the battlefield. Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary masterpiece and become a part of gaming history.

This purchase is only for the Erase Face inspired playmat.  Any and all other items/props in the background photos are strictly for promotional purposes. 

Sale price$95.00