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Article: AHS 2.0, Dusk Till Dawn, and MORE!

AHS 2.0, Dusk Till Dawn, and MORE!

AHS 2.0, Dusk Till Dawn, and MORE!

Greeting my lovely art freaks!

Firstly, the big news.

AHS 2.0

Remember the days when you go onto the Arthouse Syndicate website, struggle through the endless menus trying to find the card you wanted as an art proof, having to select each minute detail before getting to the checkout, only to find out much, much later that there was some ‘Cycle’ system in place that meant it would be another 3 months before your order would even be sent to the artist for sketching and signing?

Then another 3 months before it came back?

Ahhh…good times.

 Well, no.

It was the start we had to make but now, 18 months down the line it just doesn’t cut it anymore, for us personally or for you, our customers and your experience. The design of AHS 1.0 was absolutely centered around the one factor that made it work at all - the artists.

So how do we make it work for all of us? This has been the struggle for us.


After seeking feedback from the community it was pretty clear - too much choice, website too awkward, delays too long.

 So moving forward, the biggest change you will see is more limited but regular new product that is IN HAND, meaning we ship straight away.

Plus more useful communication from us that will help you know when to look out for the heroes, artists or products that you are really interested in.

I briefly mentioned this in the first newsletter, but I want to reiterate it. We couldn’t make this change by ourselves and our own big brains…we needed help. And we now have it in the form of a couple of guys whom you may have seen posting on the main Arthouse social media sites recently;


Please help me officially welcome to the AHS team, the original Leatherman himself, Stephen Nowatkowski (aka Skysteel Forge) and his trusty sidekick, Mat Saparito!


Here’s to making changes for the better!


Dusk Till Dawn - The Playmat

The other cool thing that’s been going on is the recent collaboration and commission we had with Daria Khlebnikova (check out her Instagram, it’s worth it!

Other News

* Did you like the Vynsette tokens made by Flesh and Blood artist Kevin Sidharta? You must have because they sold out!

* What are AHS doing with artist proofs? Good question! I will have something to add about this in the next newsletter 😉

* Phillip will be at the FaB Vegas Nationals so keep an eye out for him.

* Sorcery: Contested Realm alpha has been delivered to Kickstarter backers so the internet is going silly. I have mine and will record some openings soon

* Dusk Till Dawn - what a set! Respect to the artists, the LSS art direction given by MJ Fetesio, Sam Yang, Henrique Lindner and Robbie Wen (and others no doubt)


That’s about it for now. Catch you on the next update.

May you dusk be shadowy and you dawn be bright!


David (Aus/NZ/Oceania), Phillip, Stephen and Mat (USA & Europe) & Dane (SE Asia)

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