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Article: The Journey of the Artwork, Trading Card Games, and Arthouse Syndicate

The Journey of the Artwork, Trading Card Games, and Arthouse Syndicate

The Journey of the Artwork, Trading Card Games, and Arthouse Syndicate

Greetings Art Freaks!

Welcome to the very first of what we hope and plan to be a regular fortnightly newsletter aimed at keeping you all up to date with the happenings in front and behind the scenes here at Arthouse Syndicate. The fact I am writing an art-focused newsletter for you is rather surreal as my personal journey with art only began a couple of years ago and I look forward to dragging you along for a real ride whether you like it or not!

Arthouse Syndicate is the beautiful lovechild of what started as simple collaboration between Luis Gonzales and myself via his ‘Fab Gallery’ Facebook and YouTube channel in 2020. Luis had to move on from Flesh and Blood and so I created the ‘Flesh and Blood Arthouse’ group and did all I really knew how to do…which was repost other people’s hard work!

From simply posting full Flesh and Blood art (which I still love to do!) I started reaching out to artists and asking…begging…pleading for any unseen Flesh and Blood art piece they were willing to drop. Before long I was speaking with artists and being introduced to prints and artist proofs and building up actual, real relationships with them. During all of this I was absorbing the art and building up my own perceptions of what I like and don’t like on a subconscious level.

I am still on that journey.

The personal journey became a group journey in late 2021 when Phillip Plew, Dane Lanz and myself realized that what we were each doing individually in our own ways could be applied on a wider scale. We walk to the edge of the Cliff of Broken Dreams, turned around so we couldn’t see where we were going…and jumped into ‘Arthouse Syndicate’.

What I am learning is that our budding relationships with TCG artists is becoming deeper and is based on far more than just buying or selling. Their art is their job, and we love what they do, but AHS is really about loving them and helping them enjoy it more whilst helping in some small way to give exposure and explore possibilities.



Everything you’ve come to love (or hate) about what Arthouse Syndicate does and how Arthouse Syndicate works is changing. There came a point recently when the service we have been providing hit the ceiling of our capabilities and we needed help...and we got it in a HUGE way!

You will have seen a couple of new admins posting recently on the ‘Arthouse Syndicate Exhibit’ Facebook group and if you looked closely you will have recognized one as Stephen from Skysteel Forge – an incredible leather wood and steel crafter. Well it turns out his crafting skills are second only to his business mind! Stephen and his business partner Matt are now a part of the AHS Team.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” And so having five strands means we be confident that we can deal with the myriad of things that will come our way and still stay strong.

From the website to the online store, to the artist cycles and the associated long wait times for orders…it’s all under reconstruction and review.

 Skysteel Forge - Marvel Codex Inspired Playmat

Skysteel Forge - Marvel Codex Inspired Playmat


Flesh and Blood – Artist Proofs

The backbone of AHS’s business up to now has definitely been sketched and signed artist proof cards, where customers can request specific sketch designs whilst we minimize time and shipping costs for artists by doing single shipments to and from their international locations.

I believe we were the first in the world to offer this unique service. But there are some factors that make this a difficult task to manage, particularly as we continue to add more artists. As more and more FaB artists are starting to attend the major events now, we need to review what and how we do things with the resources we have.

Stay tuned as we only want to do cooler and cooler stuff as we go on!

Flesh and Blood - Playmats

The fruits of Stephen’s and Matt’s labor was on full display in the leadup promotion and running of the incredible Command and Conquer playmat that was designed by the artist of the Dynasty fable, Othon Nikolaidis. This launch was the first hint of we are calling ‘AHS 2.0”.

The next playmat we have lined up is yet another step in our mission to provide the coolest art possible. This one sees us take our hands off the reigns and give it to the artist…so hold on tight!

Flesh and Blood - Singapore Calling

Our very own Dane Lanz is judging over at the Singapore Calling! He landed a few days ago so we will have more of an update in the next newsletter!

Dane Lanz and James White



          Ira, Crimson Haze Autographed By James White and Le Vuong  


Dane Lanz Judging James White at Singapore Calling 2023

Flesh and Blood - Vietnam

In other very cool SE Asia region news, Dane has been building the FaB scene in Vietnam for a couple of years now and has just opened his own LGS in Vietnam called ‘NIN TCG’ – A LSS supported store in Vietnam!

Huge congrats Dane!

You Can Check His Shop Out HERE

Sorcery: Contested Realm

Lately you might have seen art from some non-Flesh and Blood games being posted on the Arthouse Exhibit socials. Now that alpha product is starting to land in the hands of Kickstarter backers, opportunities are being considered and discussed to help continue doing what we do best, which is working with artists to help make amazing ideas become a reality.

The main release of the game will be around September-October 2023 but until then, let us know what sort of things you would love to see the Sorcery artists do for the players and collector.

Until then, I am eagerly awaiting my own email to find out when my alpha arrives!

May the giveaways and YouTube rips commence soon!


Genesis: Battle of Champions

AHS stocks signed art prints from the Genesis: Battle of Champions tcg which has just been rescued  from an early, undeserved grave!

The Genesis artists requested that we keep them available, so once the store is back up and running, feel free to have a look at everything we currently have available.


Mythrel Kickstarter

Another first for AHS came our way recently. A small, successfully Kickstarted tcg called ‘Mythrel’ approached us with a proposal help promote the art of the game!

This game will be available in both physical AND digital formats, and includes art by some familiar FaB artists, such as Nik Moskvin and Dmitry Isakevitch!

Now even more FaB artists such as Lius Lasahido (e.g. Dorinthea) are also working on future art for the game!

We will be able to give more Mythrel updates as AHS rebuilds.


In conclusion, please join us as we get things right, get things wrong and make AHS what you want it to be!

Here's to forging your combat greatness,

David (Aus/NZ/Oceania), Phillip, Stephen and Mat (USA & Europe) & Dane (SE Asia)


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